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Sunday October 04, 2015
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Current News
Weather Status:
No games October 3rd.  October 10th is up in the air at the moment.  The school is having another event.  We have also lost the 31st of October as well.  Please check back for updates.  

RYAL has one field in the front of the school, and one field in the back of the school.  We will NOT have access to the fields on Saturday Oct. 3 or the 10th or the 31st.  No games those days unless we can find a new venue.  Please email any suggestions.  

For Saturdays:
8:45: One E level game in front of the school (teams change weekly, see below).  The C level game in the back of the school

10:00: One E level game in the front of the school (teams change weekly, see below). The A and B level games in the back of the school.

Here is the schedule for the E games (all will be in front of the school).
                 8:45             10:00
3-Oct No Saturday games
10-Oct No Saturday games
17-Oct         E1 v E3            E2 v E4
24-Oct         E2 v E3            E1 v E4
31-Oct        No Saturday games
More to follow as the season progresses.  
League Description:
The Recreational Youth Athletic League (RYAL) is, as its name implies, a youth athletic program that places a priority on recreation as opposed to competition. Based in the Annapolis, Maryland area, RYAL is open to all children ages 5 to 16 in and around Anne Arundel County, with an emphasis on having each child enjoy participation in sports (primarily soccer) in an atmosphere of affirmation and sensitive instruction. "Success" is measured by the children's enjoyment (i.e., fun!), their own sense of personal accomplishment, the depth of friendships established, and the development of individual character.

The league is intended to be flexible, adapting to both the number of children who sign up and the skill levels they bring to the league. Hence, the number of divisions and the age groupings thereof vary from season to season to accommodate the group that has registered.

The spring season generally runs from April to early June each year. The last two seasons we have only met and played games on Saturdays. No weekday practices. Soccer is available for all ages and ultimate frisbee is available for older children. For the last several years we have played at Annapolis Senior High School on Riva Road.
The fall soccer season generally runs from late August to early November each year. Registration and skills assessment are held in mid-June. Practices are held one weeknight (typically Thursdays) and games are held on Saturdays. For the last several years we have played at Annapolis Senior High School on Riva Road. View Soccer Rules